Afrika Ikalafe is a South African non-profit organisation that facilitates programmes aimed at healing the fractured soul of the nation. Its overall focus is to indigenise healing and development and by so doing, build an African consciousness that provides a fertile ground for a deeper transformation of society. 

As a health and healing organisation, Afrika Ikalafe defines health as a harmonious relationship with our Higher Being and the rest of creation. Health is therefore not limited to restoring physical health. Instead, it is about healing fractured relationships within, between and amongst people. This expansive view of health and healing was destroyed by colonialism with its undue focus on western science.

It is true that the advent of modern medicine has been instrumental in finding a cure for diseases that threatened to wipe out all of humanity. However, it failed to heal afflictions of the soul of indigenous people. Afrika Ikalafe responds to this gap in health.

By enlisting ancient earth-based teachings and philosophies, the organisation aims to rekindle people’s hunger for a return to holistic healing. A participant in Afrika Ikalafe’s healing projects must leave with renewed energy to repair disconnection between body, mind and spirit as well as contribute to the healing of families and communities in their roles as women, men, parents, youth, employers, employees, citizens, activists, leaders, and followers. 

Aptly called Afrika Ikalafe, which means Africa heal thyself, the organisation aims to challenge the prevailing victim mentality that obstructs people’s alignment with their divine power. Its overall goal is to rediscover, reclaim and re-integrate ancient whole system of healing which recognises that the well-being of an individual is tied to that of families, communities, and nations. To reach this goal, Afrika Ikalafe will draw from science and spirituality, logic, and intuition as well as art and nature.