We endeavour to heal the fractured soul of the nation

Afrika Ikalafe Pluriversity defines health as a harmonious relationship with our Higher Being and the rest of creation. Health is therefore not limited to restoring physical wellness. Instead, it is about healing fractured relationships within, between and amongst people. This expansive view of health and healing was destroyed by colonialism with its undue focus on western science.

It is true that the advent of modern medicine has been instrumental in finding a cure for diseases that threatened to wipe out all of humanity. However, it failed to heal the afflictions of the soul of indigenous people. Afrika Ikalafe Pluriversity responds to this gap in health. In its endeavour to heal the fractured soul of the nation, Afrika Ikalafe Pluriversity facilitates healing circles for women, men, and young people.


Healing Circles

Healing circles have always existed as a communication and healing tool for indigenous communities. The significance of a circle in African cosmology is reflected in various practices such as: we dance in a circle, we perform rituals in a circle, and our indigenous homes and gathering spaces such as lekgotla are also round. The symbolic meaning of a circle is one of interdependence and collectivism i.e., all beings are interrelated. One common thread that runs through all our programmes and projects is the integration of ancient indigenous knowledge with modern innovation.

Corporate and Organisational Wellness

We also offer integrated organisational / corporate healing which combines health assessments, art, psychological counseling, food medicine, divination, yoga, drumming, movement, and fitness exercises.


  • Talks about health and healing
  • Integrated Employee Health and Wellness
  • Wellness days
  • Comprehensive wellness progamme designed in collaboration with Organisational Wellness Officer

Objectives of the Corporate Wellness Programme:

  • Improve productivity, morale, and teamwork
  • Provide integrated approach in health, healing, and wellness to support employees in managing stress in life and work
  • Provide management with legal and health resources on how to respond to GBV or sexual harassment in the workplace
  • To encourage healthy lifestyle for a more engaged, inclusive and collaborative workforce

Afrika Ikalafe Virtual Clinic

Health is not only about a person’s physical health. It encompasses our emotional, psychological, physical, cultural, economic, and spiritual life. Our practitioners come from diverse educational backgrounds and life orientations. Our clinic caters for women, men, queer, gender non-conforming, young and older persons and we aim to heal our wounds both at an individual and collective level.