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Find Your Star and Live Your Purpose

The world is in a state of chaos. Yet, the challenges we face can help us find a way of operating from a higher template. Even though we are a people in crisis, we are not without answers and solutions. Crises can be transcended; solutions can be uncovered, and new ways of being can be birthed. Even though these times are harsh, we the people who live in these times, are the descendants of humans who have overcome limitless catastrophes. We are therefore what the world needs to press the reset button. One of the positive outcomes of Covid 19 is to teach us to transcend the illusion of space. Now we don’t even think twice about creating virtual communities beyond the confines of time and place.

By joining this online course, you become a member of a community shrine that seeks to find a way of re-setting the button. A shrine is an earthly retreat where one goes to communicate with your inner guide. It is a place where rituals can be done. Rituals can be performed for an individual. They can also be performed for a community. Together as a virtual community, we will build shrines for personal and collective healing and spiritual alignment. In the process, we will participate in rituals that helps us heal and reflect on ways in which we have been constrained by our limited beliefs and thoughts. In so doing, we will identify and release blocks that stand in the way of living a purposeful life.

Course Structure

How it Works?

Course Facilitator

Course Structure

You will be asked to spend an equivalent of 16 days which are spread out in 16 weeks. This includes building your own shrine, participating in co-counseling sessions, working on your creative writing assignment, and participating in a group healing circle.

At a spiritual level, aligning with Spirit is not something we can quantify. When guidance starts flowing through dreams, visions, and voices, this is something that cannot be confined to hours in a day. This is where a journal becomes a constant companion. The success of your participation in this online course depends on your active interaction with your inner guides.

Because spiritual journeys can be daunting and lonely, you will be allocated a fellow soul traveler who you will work with in between group healing circles. This course works best if you enroll with a friend, colleague, or partner because this makes sharing easy. However, in the spiritual world, a stranger may end up being the best fellow soul traveler. If possible, you can facilitate your own co-counseling session with your soul traveler face to face. If not possible, you can use Google meet, Zoom or WhatsApp. The healing circles shrine will be held via Zoom every alternate week.

Each week, you will receive a recorded via email outlining the theme of the week, including guidance on how to carry out the exercises. Alternating between working in pairs (co-counseling) and as a community (healing circle), we will use co-counseling, facilitated discussion, writing and rituals as healing tools.

You will be supported as you review your core beliefs by writing stories which touch on a range of topics such as childhood conditioning, the concept of God, ancestors, love, success, failure, calling and purpose.
“After registration, you will receive a copy of the book, “Find Your Star and Live Your Purpose”. It will help if you can read the book before commencement of the course.

Who Should Enroll for this Course
This course is designed for people who are successful yet continue to ask the question:
Is there More to Life? This could be professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, educators, artists, or anyone who is searching for a life beyond the promise of external success.

Introduction to community shrine, co-counseling practice and allocation of soul traveling companion.

Assignment: What is your childhood story?

Introduction to community shrine, co-counseling practice and allocation of soul traveling companion.

Healing Circle: Breaking free from childhood conditioning.

Writing Assignment: What is your God story?

Healing Circle: Reframing your God concept

Writing Assignment: What is your ancestral story?

Healing Circle: Healing Ancestral Trauma

Writing Assignment: What is your love story?

Healing Circle: Healing relationships and relational wounds

Writing Assignment: What is your success story?

Healing Circle: Celebrating your courage and strength to survive and thrive.

Writing Assignment: What is your failure story?

Healing Circle: Overcoming existing obstacles both internal and external.

Reflecting on the journey; crafting your emerging Soul Story

Emergence Ceremony and Sharing of Soul Stories

How it works?

Fee includes copy of the book, Find your star and live your purpose, bi-weekly healing circles, guidance and instruction on theme of the week, pdf on essentials of journaling, and guidance on the value of shrines and how to connect with your spiritual world.

To enquire about flexible payments: please email:
Individual healing sessions are available at extra cost.