Re-membering Africa’s Greatness.

Afrika Ikalafe Pluriversity
for Land-Based Healing, Learning and Living

Aptly called Afrika Ikalafe meaning Africa heal thyself, the organisation aims to create space for our authentic power. Our vision is to create a world where African people re-member, re-claim and re-centre their place in the world.

We are a Pluriversity – unlike a university which upholds Eurocentric education and excludes indigenous African knowledge, a Pluriversity celebrates multiple ways of knowing.

It is our view that healing is a critical element in the process of unlearning and remembering for sustainable and authentic living.


Health and Healing

Afrika Ikalafe Pluriversity defines health as a harmonious relationship with our Higher Being and the rest of creation. Health is therefore not limited to restoring physical wellness. Instead, it is about healing fractured relationships within, between and amongst people.

Leadership And Community

South Africa is currently gripped in an era of pervasive soul drought. Corruption, violent crime, lawlessness, and general loss of moral compass has reached pandemic proportions. This brokenness has killed the sacredness of life.


Indigenous African education plays a critical role in the liberation of a people. Because it is tied to daily living, it cannot be divorced from language, thought, belief and identity.

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Author & Thought-leader

About Mmatshilo Motsei (Keeper of the Shrine)

My name is Mmatshilo, which means mother of the grinding stone. My life path has been one of grinding my own fears. Through many years of facilitating spiritual retreats and healing circles, I overcame my fear and learned to honour my ancestral gift.

My other name is Tumelo, which means faith. One of the challenges that come with aligning with your faith is the courage to rebel against that which is not you. Many of us are forced to remain in situations that violate our truth, dignity, and integrity. The irony is even when we ask for divine intervention, we are afraid to receive it simply because we are afraid of our greatness.

I am here to hold your hand in your journey of healing. My role is not to heal you. My job is to accompany you in your search for the healer in You.

Seconded to the Office of the President in 1995 to set up the Gender Machinery in post democratic South Africa
Leading Feminist Voice in Africa
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“Shame dies when stories are told in safe places” – Ann Voskamp